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“Solace in Believing”


“Solace in Believing”

Solace in believing, rectitude in serving—
The balance in the cleavage there between collectives
And the single path—and in the brief electives
Shared by all a joy in moments of selective yearning,
Benchmarks of the solar year, at Thanksgiving and Christmastime,
Restraint and a slight refrain from something heard within the people.
Still the Philistines abound, their doorways pocked with pumpkins, evil
Omens spelling out the news that feasting, repetitious cognates that rhyme
With what it is is what the people want but cannot earn. And why, one asks,
Do the nations so furiously rage together, age-old riddles, questions
Put to test, the yeasts of what it is that hearts desire? Sage suggestions
In the council chambers, gatherings to mark traumatic tasks
Of timely need and potent joint considerations of the able:
All we ask is peace, and simple magnanimity at the table?


…photograph below of Dutch memorial to Holocause victims from Holland…