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“Step Aside!”


“Step Aside!”

“Step aside!”they all say astride their steeds
While buffaloing headlong to oblivion at the table;
Clans and tribes, streams strewn with corpses of the able
And the weak unable to satisfy the late fable’s appetite yet—needs
Be damned–they cannot nor will they ever get their fill. Seeds
Burst before planting, proclivities only wish they could. Cables
Span harvests struck by lightning, channels deadlocked, disabled,
Tailings from once mighty veins of emerald and gold drain to open seas;
Arboreal stains, their poisons leached while seasons weep that have produced
Now as would a pond or puddle, redirected, desiccated and paralysed
And no one’s laughing as both glaciers and oceans stagnate misaligned,
Lakes now the stage to nothing more than
pink flamingoes, shrimp, and stray hyenas
cruising for an evening’s snack in all that sodium and steam.


“A Summer’s Aimless Thought” or “Don’t Ask Why I Wrote This!”

“A Summer’s Aimless Thought” or “Don’t Ask Why I Wrote This!”

And so the lesser heat descends upon us once,
But, come again?…and now the skin is damp
For no good reason, nothing more than clams
Must feel through all their night’s eternity, abandoned
In watermarked enclosure, rarely asking where
Their homes are logged–no! nor even more from life
Than what is strained for food. If found, the knife
Will end it all. From accidental currents traffic cares,
From aimless waves and tides and what seals may accrue,
Seadogs innocently involved and driven by their own
Insensitivity to feelings and not so much in interest as they comb
The seabeds looking for what mindless kelp must do–
For supper–Yes! We dine tonight: the sacrifice of clams and oysters,
And budget-minded shrimp, and the choir?–crabs conveniently cloistered.