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“Asking Nothing”

“Asking Nothing”

Asking nothing, pride itself knows no shame
But that it is not easily offended
By its authors, lasting aeons never once rescinded
As they bear hard against themselves with holy arrogance. Abel’s fame
Was no more great in folly than in triumph; blame,
The greater satisfaction, feeds upon itself, suspended
High above its frozen haven’s wasted heaven, extended
Low and lower than the expectations of his brother, Cain:
“Why,” then, “art thou wroth?” is heard with “What hast thou done?”
And in that instant, seconds into centuries cast their burdens
Leaving only fools to gather and surmise how long it’s been
Since innocence so easily spent itself pursuing means to every end.
If we breathe, we cannot be more anxious than the moon and sun,
And stars whose certain execution and anastrophe scribbles embroidered patterns equal to the physics of a nano-drop, as well, the roaring war of infinitives bound in verses primed that rhyme with energy and matter in the greater cosmic run.

“And Comfort Comes”

“And Comfort Comes”

And comfort comes from stations washed ashore on the bank
Of all great seas and rivers, benchmarks, watersheds
And monuments as seiemic shifts in zeitgeists; glories led
By strange humility in masters whose histories are drawn blank
With whom generations cavil and who provoke
In lesser moments no more than leaner age affords,
The more prosaïc goals framed to ward
Off national malaise. They must evoke
A wonder in the people, and awe
Amongst the gods, and in the end, such light
Cannot be masked, nor can the transitory might
Of kings suppress but single eagles, neither nets nor censors, nor the law.
And here, then,  is Shakespeare, Father of the modern text…
And what of tongues that roar so loud and thunder in the index?


“3:23 Why is light given to a man whose way is hid, and whom God hath hedged in? 3:24 For my sighing cometh before I eat, and my roarings are poured out like the waters.

 King James Bible, Job