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“Who Doubts the Sun”


“Who Doubts the Sun”

Who doubts the sun can rely upon the thief,
Confound the child, prey alike on shades and souls;
Perish then the source of light? Pedestrian goals,
Despotic dreams, righteous schemes, beliefs,
Philosophies and auld lang syne; relief
From poverty, gala festivals, and plans unfold
That pass all mention but better told
As to be confined for the lack of laughter. These
Bouts of constitution will inhale histories,
Breed legends in the schoolroom, the din of countless lobbies,
Captive audiences at every office water cooler, the endless
quotidian tours of long forgotten closets.
Ages, too, are chiselled on the hillside; tyrants, public monuments; deposits,
All as canon law and memory permit, enshrined in ancient lobbies
In statuary and bas-relief, the stuff of Scriptures in the formulæ of hobbies.