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“He Bides His Time”

“He Bides His Time”

He bides his time because there is no hurry,
The bus has come and gone, the traffic
Fought and conquered, the car beyond the static
And stifling rush to the open sea; the flurry
Of attentions and careful intercourse–the blur he’s
Experienced, the awful triumph of arrival, ecstatic
In the sense of high achievement, high above, emphatic
Victory, but odd in quiet self-composure in his daily journeys
Insofar as he’s survived to see his destination far beyond initial
Expectations and well honoured as the drone
Of choice, untouchable, beyond reproach, buttressed by success,
Thrice crowned, thrice recessed but ever honoured as the guest
Of all the hive while the competition still sits bewildered in residual
Reticence. Cynical, at the pinnacle, no fear, no grief, but very much alone.