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“You’ll Find King Herod’s Tomb”


“You’ll Find King Herod’s Tomb”

You’ll find King Herod’s tomb beneath it all, and Cæsar’s not far
Behind buried in debris not hitherto imagined nor have the Magi ever seen
As much though restless centuries’ search, redux reckoned countable as has been
Adjusted by the market honed of hubris born of Ptolemy’s predilections, dwarfed
And all but swallowed in the squalid synecdoches of all economies; schemes
Asserting prescient views in years despite their slumbers
Solvent in the past and future well beyond prognosis and the numbers
Used to fund their offices and humour all humanity. Their smiles seem
To reach for meaning in the fireplace, they sift the ashes of the kiln
And pyre and dote on what they think they’ve found as if confirmed
Not least by carbon’s ancient age and not at all by what is earned.
Admire the Chinese while they rise, ballast for the Pantheon of what fits the bill
And never mind the unseen sacrifice and all that slavery, monuments to reigns
As numberless in catalogues as blood stains
in a Holy Land of boiling clouds and endless pain.




Living cells call out their auguries,
Mighty spires reach for skies
That live but evenings and expire
Forever, so they say. Turn, then, to cosmic Valkyries,
To ornate stone formations possibly deliberate.
Where once they housed a knight or temple
Built by want and ignorance of what is simple,
Worshipped in the multitudes, immediate
To some, an intimacy of bodies petrified
And sprung from some light’s supple
Night that had a need for nuptials ―
She, the humble goddess; he, the gifted priest. Sanctified,
They possessed the night and launched a thousand ships
To consummate an age in their embrace with hubris on the lips.