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“Sonnet in Honour of the Feast of `Azamat or “Grandeur'”

Bahá’ís throughout the world gather this evening after sunset or tomorrow before sunset within the First Day of the Month of `Azamat [Grandeur] to celebrate the first day of the Bahá’í Month of `Azamat.


“Sonnet in Honour of the Feast of `Azamat or “Grandeur'”

As if we can not be denied nor satisfied, we never quite say enough.
Spoils, the pain of living fêted, foils in which we grope and grow
As serious as honeybees, as laborious as ladybugs indifferent as they know
Their daily bread and signs depend not on commerce but industry. Rough
Terrain, yes! but praise no matter what may be the trappings.
The cause is paramount, practitioners partition tracks of land
And sacrifice themselves in the finding—as do mountains inevitably to sand
Or are simply swept away in time along the delta seashores lapping.
Random landings shoulder makeshift homes with open arms
Along the scores of symphonies, a little high amid the treble, alarming
All that’s bass—too many notes, perhaps—but not for the proud volcano.
Gifts in memory or dreams, men now somehow reign in stars and haloes.
Even so, it’s not so much the harvest in files but humanity sheds a light
On God’s humility in grandeur’s breath that gives all that blossoms life.


“And Who Prefers the Light”


“And Who Prefers the Light”

And who prefers the light to fire and lives
To breathe a word of such a thing?
Mark it, friend! To the light, the ring
Of truth; to the fire, smoke and high fives
That will evict the bees and solace thieves
Who take what they want and fling
A match to all the rest in awe of pilfering.
And who prefers the root to leaves,
The trunk to branches as they weave
Their path to victory in the midday flattering
Shadows and the midnight’s scattering
Chorus? Honey’s the proceed’s reprieve
For both laboring givers and easy takers in voices
Echoing ephemeral chance and natural choices.