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“I Have No Idea”


“I Have No Idea”

I have no idea where this shift will fly;
But, I am almost there, and still, within,
I have such weathered movement that my skin
Cannot be warmed, nor can I breathe, resigned
To find what has always seemed to be just across the waters on another shore
Beyond my chosen station behind another veil. I choose to cling
To bare necessities, confidence in misgivings sing
What I have cherished, and with no more
Warning in the room than a single glance,
A soft address, a current’s breeze to where the lightning strikes.
Vernal voices reach these trees and shrubs, the lofty flights
Of mountain streams anointed, burning shafts and lances
Of the sun crown doubts with quires of smaller chits and gains,
Impediments of distance seen through everlasting rains.