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Coney Island

“Reckon the Weight”

Reckon the weight of moonbeams through a prism’s arc, a vein
Of luck that turns the sour sod from odds to evens; the zealous sun
Retains protective all the world and while there’s time to run
The distance , youthful reservoirs are subtle in their wont to wane,
Or so it seems. Reckon passions the necessities of flight,
Thralls reduced to sprites. Loose and radiant poltergeists
Run rampant in the open day. So spin the ophanim, so please the fools;
So worship powers, principalities, their mantras’ threads on golden spools,
While noxious winds care nothing for the scattered seed
And in the end it is the loss of breath that kills and not the cross that bleeds
Us all to death. Just so tonight, all virtues’ yeasts released in spores
that float freely in the early summer’s musky air,
At least till dawn. You’ll want the world to see your footprint there
And how you moved it all , and how you spread the stuff
Of legends, words made crystal or close enough,
and further, some few diamonds in the rough.

….painting at top by Reginald Marsh…