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“Une Cause Célèbre”

Honoré Daumier

Une Cause Célèbre

Une cause célèbre is safe from harm and free
From all love’s pleasures earned, enjoined,
Apprised; he treasures peace purloined,
And surgically removed from hosts’ relief
From aristocracy’s hypocrisies through deft
And public disclosure in the motive; sophists sigh
That virgin sensibilities, blatant lies
And all that wisdom drained  (effects of theft)
No longer fools the wise, nor warns the fool:
He simply walks away, displays no sympathy;
For wounded pride, antithesis, antipathy
For suckers born each day. His embers cool
Within the semblance of truth: dismay,
Reaction realized, the catalyst will steel away.

…painting by Honoré Daumier…