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“A Sonnet for the Azurose”


“A Sonnet for the Azurose”

Their powers gained, they linger, lighter, bend
Their glories casting shadows where they’ve leapt,
The riotous, the upward, carving downward energies that’ve slept;
Egregious splendors piercing what in orisons were there; they send
This soft geometry. These whispering slights delight
In passage, corners, shapes and purposes, and now
Forgotten swollen floods with dappled, light-sourced nuances allowed,
Foment joy in shivering through hearts whose habits put to flight
Such forms that in their slightest change inform
Joy, those states as take their time in being what they are―
Side effects and icebound accidents, and diamonds traced in fire―
Wondrous gifts to bluest eyes who share their beauty; alarm
To those who bind to closets what jealously they find:
Respect what Azurose bestows; receive such ecstasies in kind.

“Fresh Paint”

“Fresh Paint”

Fresh paint, delicious lines, the objects redefined
And realigned from nothing in the mists; no finer thought
Than that the world is endless richness; vermillion sought
In blush against the blue, refined to purple, lined
In yellows; blackest soils blessed with green, and roses
Flourish in a russet sunset; pinks, the thinnest lips
Of kittens, endless movement, combinations, strips
And bands of speckled whiskers in the hours clothed
In what might be seduction to the blind, but in the child,
Delight, and even more, an endless glee
For every least discovery of felicity,
The presentation of a simple wonder in the wild,
A soothing leisure of a field of fragrance to the eyes,
To the mind a vision, to the hour a passing smile.