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“To the Gods They Were Just Apples”

“To the Gods
They Were Just Apples”

To the gods they were just apples, not at all
  The toy of choice and destiny for mortals, unrighteous manna for the fool.
Three golden globes wondrous formed from pools
Above—Asperges me, Domine—no, hardly, and, still it was that one such ball
Made purity of lust for he who blindly chose both certain menace and war.
And as effects of it–to altar boys absurd–embroidred that sad tale,
Strange to say the queue contains the other two; but truth cannot grow stale.
All seekers know that in addition to nonesuch beauty were two gilded orbs
As potent as the first, but put away, sequestered, perhaps installed
But never used or loosed as lean domestics in the fall
Of men and simian alike throughout all ancient mortal halls.
And to this day the two remain en extra, secure, moot within the walls
And great receiving rooms of one remote clandestine tower;
The first, unbridled Wisdom, saddled proudly on the second, naked Power.

“A Sonnet for Ensomniac”


“A Sonnet for Ensomniac”*

Sleeplessness, restive sanctuary
Of the damned in thought;
A constant, twice binding knot
That only an Alexander can resolve.
And even within this pale inlet, pastel
Half-lights spiral endlessly through the maze,
Redoubling trails left as haze
Of cobalt smoke, fresh fractals of the last time round; absolve
The whole, and sign for yet another toss.
But if the sleeping,  perchance the dreaming is missed,
There is what may or may not be a while, sitting
Upright, wide-awake within a trite belittling
Of what one might see if only blown
Through dusty distances, vagaries and yesterdays alone.

…* the site of an artist of note whom I admire and used to follow on Stumbleupon.com before that group shot itself in the foot and went commercial while evicting thousands of simple members amongst whom was yours truly…this man’s site is worth more than one visit…http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/ensomniac

“A Sonnet for the Azurose”


“A Sonnet for the Azurose”

Their powers gained, they linger, lighter, bend
Their glories casting shadows where they’ve leapt,
The riotous, the upward, carving downward energies that’ve slept;
Egregious splendors piercing what in orisons were there; they send
This soft geometry. These whispering slights delight
In passage, corners, shapes and purposes, and now
Forgotten swollen floods with dappled, light-sourced nuances allowed,
Foment joy in shivering through hearts whose habits put to flight
Such forms that in their slightest change inform
Joy, those states as take their time in being what they are―
Side effects and icebound accidents, and diamonds traced in fire―
Wondrous gifts to bluest eyes who share their beauty; alarm
To those who bind to closets what jealously they find:
Respect what Azurose bestows; receive such ecstasies in kind.