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“Take Away”

Marilyn Monroe-Pop Culture

Marilyn Monroe [1926-1962]
“If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere…”

“Take Away”

Take away the shackles of faculties, the prodigal powers
Of youth, the viscosity of strangers
And friends, the leonine odds of birth with dangers
Lurking in the pride of family hours,
And beyond; remove the adulation of the ubiquitous twin towers
Touted through the Belt Way from Wall Street to the manger;
Displace, then,  the landed genii, articles of faith in sycophants and trolls; anger’s
Legions, mantras of the deaf and dumb, the apostates of the flowers
Of all generations, the misgivings of those that wink at love that cannot last,
and set above all it all common traffic in camera, sessions in the night,
Rites that are never forgotten but should be,
The mythology of ends far out-weighs the infamy of means.
To forget to forget as Laius to his Œdipus, witnesses that cast
Lots in choruses eager to testify to shadows in the dawn’s early  light.

A Descent