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“Fear of Mirrors”


“Fear of Mirrors”

Fear of mirrors does that, you know…
Disturb the pool and the image ripples.
The Persians say, “shave the head, the hair will triple!”
And so the child’s affectations grow
From infancy to childhood. The woes
Of weaning from the weary nipple
Through to youth—while the spirit merely trickles,
Even disappears within the spectacle and show
Of outward gain and inward trivial pursuit—
Place all things within the silken seasons’
Circumstantial winds’ mirages to lift high above
The nest the eagle and overshadow fears in the dove.
Still to see one’s self in someone’s glass renders progress moot:
To see ourselves in this disguise dissolves the stain of simple treason.

“Imagination Styles the Face”

“Imagination Styles the Face”

Imagination styles the face of vanity that solves a thousand wrongs,
And no one guesses what’s behind the door.
Closer to the truth, the portal to escape closes just behind him; gore
And all that glitter exposed, tinsel moments in the early morning songs,
Playground glories among the boys and toys, reasons to declare
An eminence–petulant and sulking–ever hamartia, ever cool,
Who stalks the school yard–recess, lunch, and after school
And preys on younger lambs who cannot see nor dare
To think beyond the present master and the class
To one day leaving what was never meant to be
A permanent abode but stepping stones to what only seems
To be a day’s delay until the graduation fantasy, and one more hall pass.
“But, then again, I never meant to study, people…

I never meant to pass the test!”