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“She Suspects He Knows”

A pole

“She Suspects He Knows”

She suspects he knows the truth, sows it openly before
His eyes. “It’s thoughts,” she says, “that are the enemies
And ideas that spin the winning remedies
For now, for ever and all my yesterdays. So more’s
The search for leaves of print and fresher mantras soaked in peace
And love, and marinated in the blessing of a sage
Albeit the `carrot’ seems to curry rage
And disappears down the rabbit hole to please
The bleachers, the preachers and those who `know’ the age!”
She bought the book, retired to read, and strove
To keep the incense burning on the stove,
Or is it called an altar, now, or is it time to disengage?
The lonely trap to truth is through the mind;
From mind to heart’s the bridge to what she’ll never find.


…painting at bottom by Egon Schiele…

“I’ve Been Thinking”

“I’ve Been Thinking”

I’ve been thinking way too much these days;
The shock, you see, the awe of threshold’s reached
At sixty-six that tells me there’s so much to see
So little time to find a hook, another book, a snag, a sway
And banner suitable for framing, something like a booth, a stall,
The wherewithal to pass what little I’ve accumulated
To the next in line, the liberated
Mass of teachers staring blankly at the wall
They think they see before them, not at all inclined
To move an inch ahead, or fall behind the hour
Of their deliverance; the not-too-distant tower
Built of babbling and distraction twice toggled and misaligned
By hucksters for bovines, clever workshop shakers, and all divines
Who swear there’s still time to form a proper conga line!