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“Philosophical Principles”

“Philosophical Principles”


Philosophical principles daily posted pass

Me by; I can see nothing. I thrill to what I sense

In worlds beyond the simple physical; I have no defense

For case.  The economics of the street come hard and fast

As I am walled out or worse, within. Relationships

Quite simply, cast doubt; I am alone. The trick is in the chip;

I am become obsolete. Psychics set my soul on edge, their tips

Much greater than the check; I get no reading. Doctors seal my lips;

Somehow, the Ph balance in the aquarium is wrong; my fish

Have died and husbandry’s beyond me; I tend to use

A bankcard. Thoughts elect to the elusive next to

Tarot cards there upon the shelf, perhaps a shade above a wish

And whisper, but far beyond the random tea leaves that interrupt

My golden mile, and so I drain the coffee, and throw away the cup.



Bitterness serves the servile senses; malevolence the brine
Payed out to loams in newly flooded fertile delta soils.
Where there are no antidotes, no alternatives, no holy oils
Can soften evidence. When the flesh is spent the rind,
Manure to tried and tired conscience dried, provides desire enough to find
The seed gone stray, some few limbs, fibres of miracles for future coils
Of awe and circumstance. Pick up the rake, then, the hoe; gather roots to boil
And treasure newly welcome honest broth, the meagre rendered never-mind.
The taste is saline, yes? So much for what we cannot say before the hour turns
Sour, the afterthought enshrined within the hourglass that soon enough restores
Its natural balance in the night. A hint of moisture overrides the will at dawn,
Some confidence to see what’s left exceeds what’s been withdrawn.
Odds are that even in the ashes of denial nothing’s left to burn;
Where there is no decision, interest is the fruit that’s rotted to the core.