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“Blue Addresses Red”


Blue Addresses Red”

Blue addresses Red, and Purple should reign,
But for hue and a quire of lesser gods
Come nothing from the ether but from odds
On conjecture; motivations enough for  further vain
Imagination conjuring copious tomes twice their equal: Red
affronts Yellow, nothing untoward in appearance nor rushed
Within a natural vision but nonetheless in pernicious light hushed
To placate the numbers, whose former hearts in warmer pigments fed
Producing towering sensations in the physic, yes! But wait—
The spirit and the mind, by nature ever in need, rewarded enter
Ever elder Purples, Greens, and Oranges,  or coy splinters
Of the three—and while these residues of former purity are late
They are more than welcome to the loving eye, secondary sequels,
Aunts and uncles to the genus who scheme and dream as equals.


…in short, these are not the only ones in peril;  we’re all of us deluded!…who’s aloof when all are naked?…