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“Seeking Solace”

“Seeking Solace”

Seeking solace in the subway’s plastic platitudes, I surmise
An early death and probabilities that all there is is timely. Signs are rife
With squawking cell phones,  stifling squadrons of flies and gnats consigned to fill the gaps, to circumscribe the flock; their unsuspecting victims arrive in time
To read the endless blur of burrow walls that pause for stations only; rumours then, of course, but certain and solidified as petrels fly
By aimlessly along the Green Line markiing obsolescent ends
In the beginnings of the day. They gather, confirmed and reassured
Here and there that no one rides to measure
Worth and distances in terms of métro signs and buskers’ stipends
Yet I clearly heard today the sound of earphones braying,
Gather and surmise,
Repent! The End is nigh, and all pneumatic trails point to promises that do not die but lead all living mothers here to wail”
Had I loitered one more mile along that lethal middle rail,
I surely would have witnessed what I sometime knew, that clouds
Of youth and smoke of elders’ ozone cannot read the billboard omens
scribbled randomly across the métro seats and tiles,
That here below all testimony fades before the printer’s ink has dried.

“This Space Within My Room”

“This Space Within My Room”

This space within my room and all throughout
My window toward the south, and river’s edge,
These miles of European city streets, these corners’ hedged
And punctuated market towers, steeples, monuments, I account
More prayerfully in turquoise dawns and cobalt dusks in each
Of four selective seasons’ musk in all my years
Of wanderlust as wondrous still, and seeing but the southern tier
Of Mount Royal, hugging what in decades reached
Through most of this great island home; alors, c’est Montréal,
The third most peopled French metropolis in the world.
And while I might have longed to be a cousin to the swirl
And range of dancing waves embraced by ocean smiles–withal
The majesty and beauty of a seaport–the birth
And death of every hour supports this place while I remain on earth .