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“A Sunday’s Positive Retreat”

“A Sunday’s Positive Retreat”

A Sunday’s positive retreat from the you in me restores
The dignities, the abstracts and a certain loftiness of soul
To such a height and venue that subtle reconnoitring of goals
And aspirations catch a second wind and certitude is restored.
Fill the given time with collective conscious thought to reaffirm
The origin and purpose that created a direction
And resurrection is renewed. Catalogues of pensées, subjugation
Of the mental wilderness and undeveloped character reappears to make firm
What has gone flaccid. Ethereal wisdoms in the plasma shudder
As a delegated Columbus finds his latest Salvador;
perhaps a turn or two
Through Eastern esoteric works,
themes for this week’s mystic school, the true
And ever-present voices, a pineal necessity for philosophic utters
Changing water into purest lactose,
modern loaves of superstition to the growing gorge of masses
Shaking down a cadre of ever-growing critical analysis
and knocking public sages on their asses.