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“There Are Times”


“There Are Times”

There are times when rocks are all I need,
A shelter, something solid, something half complete.
No eternal covering, nothing dreamed. I just can’t sleep
Right now, and all I want to do is sit a spell, and see
Myself through what it is I ought to feel.
There is so much to think about at times,
(The lunar bride’s not called as yet) my mind’s not clear, but I’m
Not sure I care to do a thing nor move about those eels
I see that make so many close to me so utterly confused.
You know I rarely miss my ride, so, if
You don’t mind, I’ll sit and stare, and sift
Through things I shouldn’t think about, and muse
About myself till dusk. And if you please, I’ll shift
From time to time to let you know I haven’t died,
Abide a while, and let the moon bring in the tide.

”How Many Times?”

“How Many Times?”

How many times must he shave before he dies?
Alarms; no need of them, he’s awake.
He sees an opal there among the numerals, stakes
A claim on what he is, and turns his eyes
To base reality: a simple twist; he’s beat
The clock again. What follows—once up—
Is what he’s done to predicate this morning’s cup:
The machine is on, the light’s still red; he defeats
The kitchen and deftly sallies to the bathroom to drain
The swamps of all the night before and address the mirror―pain,
A serious reconnoitring, gazing, remembering what he’s gained,
Enthusiasm―so who was that man late last night? The same,
Perhaps, but more. He does not flinch before a silvered mask
That greets him in the glass: he’ll simply shave and let it pass.