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“And So On”


“And So On”

 “And so on and so forth…,” quoth the sage—an age
Demands allegiances, some sundry chit
To pasts to please their living ends, so be’t
To bind their futures’ to history’s wages
A feral wood that has its day,
And then some; burnt along the boreal wedge,
As fantasies aligned with revolution’s edge,
A void of fortune’s ceding thoughts of yesterday,
Inverse to the obverse of “now” with “yet again!”
“So, let that pass,”he says, and thus another reign
Of clowns and food for fools who cast their blame
Of righteous bastards who’ve lost their way,
Repeat the sentence, please, that all ears may hear
Should auld acquaintance be forgot to wipe away their fear.

“Une Cause Célèbre”

Honoré Daumier

Une Cause Célèbre

Une cause célèbre is safe from harm and free
From all love’s pleasures earned, enjoined,
Apprised; he treasures peace purloined,
And surgically removed from hosts’ relief
From aristocracy’s hypocrisies through deft
And public disclosure in the motive; sophists sigh
That virgin sensibilities, blatant lies
And all that wisdom drained  (effects of theft)
No longer fools the wise, nor warns the fool:
He simply walks away, displays no sympathy;
For wounded pride, antithesis, antipathy
For suckers born each day. His embers cool
Within the semblance of truth: dismay,
Reaction realized, the catalyst will steel away.

…painting by Honoré Daumier…




Healing? Perfection, you say? Did you believe
That tidy sum of legends, convenient quatrains and ancient tales,
These, the recipes for centuries will produce the cure for what ails
You and yours? Do you pray that all of theirs was yours to achieve?
Every saint and seer on the viral booksleeves
Of philosophies, theosophies and all their prophesies have revealed
Answers to the riddle of the Sphinx and while they’re dead,
you live to break the Seal,

You alone redress the wounds of poverty, the plea to bleed
The truth and overcome the odds-on favourite at the mall,
the quintessential finish line and be on track in time for curtain calls?
Possibly you’ve penned a line to cinch the magic formula for a first edition haul;
Perhaps a second coming, a third, or possibly the greatest of them all.
No doubt, you’ve found a tail to match the last donkey out of town, fruition
of your ever waking moment to engage the world, a thaumaturge of intellect,
a new-hatched cacophony of casuistry to claim the vacant chair of erudition.