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“Twice Two”

“Twice Two”

Twice two or three more icons at the table: twelve,
Yes, of course, the guests; the audience, unprepared, is screened
Some few short lines before the festivities begin but barely seen,
In all that wine; some one of them has gone and leaves no trail to dwell
On lethal details; who keeps score? Yes, of course, the blessing,
Words but softly spoken yet incredibly relevant, and who is more
Who bears the weight of adoration–Whose welcome’s scorned–
And none of them the wiser in the stay of execution; who’s guessing
Who’ll be next, and who will never make it to the door.
Come Sunday morning and the consolation prize will out.
The forthright, forced frenetic paces run riot through the dining room. Shouts,
Hosannas for the One Whom he denies so erstwhile vague before the war.
How sweet the hour and guests, how drawn the face of him whose plate
Is empty; as we meet tonight within the Cave, God help him who hesitates.

…in interaction and appreciation of the poetic words of Alexander M. Zoltai…

All is
Lost but the
Chance to
Lose it

…in interaction and appreciation of the poetic
words above of

Alexander M. Zoltai… []

Aptly expressed; a delicious thought, actually.
There is unequalled truth to this, the bailiwick
of those who know no doubt that blessings and curses
of this life are in fact inexhaustible, inextinguishable.

What is left then, but Creation, itself? What courage
does it take to approach all aspiration and consummation
in the ashes? Every planet’s doom is reunion with its star;
every star, its own appointment with the beginning

and the end of all that matters and energy’s just what’s left over.
And perhaps this is, after all, the raison d’être
for the inexhaustible,
the indivisible, inextinguishable

pain or sorrow, joy or bliss
within the mansions of this world.
If it is of God, it will last beyond leaving,
and as the longed for inauguration into the Next.

Be it the either which, expressed quite simply,
the Heavens and Earth may cease to exist–
in fact must in the end expire–but His Word
will never pass away, and neither the one

privy to Its existence;
and like all that is, we are in the end,
indivisible, inextinguishable.
Whilst we breathe, so, too, breeds our sacred company,

so, too, our own clear magnification in direct proportion
to recognition of one another and in the reality
of His oneness, our own dear being,
indivisible, inextinguishable.