“It Matters Nothing”


“It Matters Nothing”

It matters nothing in the lightly screaming
Thoughts of what I might have done
Had this not gone so far; the early’s clusters, the latter’s stars, the sun’s
Eternal meridian, no matter what the clouds, the veils, the feelings,
With midnight’s nightly thinking on the path through Saturn’s rings
Remains the same, and in the end, illusion never dies.
So constant, time in winnowed wanderlust—the skies
The seas, the cosmic meadow’s breeze where only quasars sing
Simple measure pleasures of a thought made longer than a dream
That I may walk beside the old canal that leads to even older docks.
Yes, of course.  I might have visited more often.  But clocks
Are stormy petrels, eternal days that leave a stain on what’s deemed
Meet and seemly for the nonce; so while I frequent these familiar lanes I think
On what I might have said and how I might have stayed awhile,
and wines I’ll never drink.

…photograph above by ECU…

4 responses to ““It Matters Nothing”

  1. so much to do, John, and yet, since a child, on being told by an older relation to not waste a minute… to live life to the full, made me panic I can tell you. To my young mind it seemed I was a waster and that life was passing me by if I didn’t rush about and wring it’s neck to gain all there was on offer, figuratively of course… ’tis not my way tho’… I think I must have a very boring soul… I have dreams which keep me going, and imagination, but life, that tricky, slippery thing, is as much a mystery to me as it ever was… xPenx…..

    • I have complete sympathy with your feelings about the “urgencies” that our older generation laid so completely on us before they left us and which still remain with us to this day. I can see where they got it having had to survive the Great Depression and then the Second World War. But then, the exigencies, the urgencies of living changed in the 50’s and while they knew that there was no more the desperation and need to be vigilant to stay alive, still they were addicted to that attitude, and something about that created a mental block in my own thinking that is still with me. With me, it’s as if my parents were still harping on the idea that mankind was created to work and I am still saying, “But there’s no reason to exclude the idea of joy in work!” I remember once while urging my students in one of my classes to get started early on a project in writing I was giving them, and I mentioned to them the old adage, “The early bird gets the worm!” something my parents would say. One of my students, however, said, “Yes, but there’s no point in getting there before the worm.” He had a point, and I never forgot it.

  2. This poem is a Miracle…

    from my Oxford:
    “ORIGIN: Old French & mod. French from Latin miraculum object of wonder , from mirari, -are look at, wonder , from mirus wonderful .”

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