Daily Archives: December 22, 2015

“Seizures Break the Silences”


“Seizures Break the Silences”

Seizures break the silences, then arrest all prayer. Godly fear’s
—Some short breath of eternity—alone can pace
The soul in such moments through the lights of suns, with time and place
Within a mirror traced, as Medusa to her Perseus, aglow, disgraced,
Displaced, and finally erased as sacrifice on this side of the glass. A mirror
May view so great a riddle in as prophesy and reap such gifts
As this in seconds in the shift
From what was once alive, yet etched in steam and even now is tears,
From what was from eternity now fearing now
Evoking strings in trebles, threats of eruptions set
To give us gentles back above what now must lie below. He hears it yet
As some sweet adverb’s antecedent, an oblong irony allowed:
Shahada for the masses, then, The Lord’s Prayer fully grown:
Herein lies all there is to truth, and certitude is all that’s known.