“There Are Times”


“There Are Times”

There are times when rocks are all I need,
A shelter, something solid, something half complete.
No eternal covering, nothing dreamed. I just can’t sleep
Right now, and all I want to do is sit a spell, and see
Myself through what it is I ought to feel.
There is so much to think about at times,
(The lunar bride’s not called as yet) my mind’s not clear, but I’m
Not sure I care to do a thing nor move about those eels
I see that make so many close to me so utterly confused.
You know I rarely miss my ride, so, if
You don’t mind, I’ll sit and stare, and sift
Through things I shouldn’t think about, and muse
About myself till dusk. And if you please, I’ll shift
From time to time to let you know I haven’t died,
Abide a while, and let the moon bring in the tide.

2 responses to ““There Are Times”

  1. 70 years is a long life, but you can get another 35 years. I’m 60 now and I add half 30 to my life on every birthday for the new goal. I haven’t accomplished everything that purposes itself in front of me….. Just dump all that and enjoy what’s in front of you. –smile–

    • I am indeed a full seventy years on this planet, and physically feel every sunrise and sunset [ some 25,538 of them, or thereabout ] and have often heard people around me say, “Seventy? That’s not old at all!” Yes, well, I tend to favour Katherine Hepburn’s observation that “Getting old, is NOT fun!” Internally, of course, nothing of the external prevails. The two conditions, internal and external, add up to a kind of confusion when I am with others, but nothing impossible to comprehend or bear. At any rate, I sense from what I have read of your work and your comments,that you know exactly what I mean.

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