“In the End”


“In the End”

In the end, they knew no more about the other
Than they were led to believe;
Their minions’ hearts on sleeves
Will please the local rag, the corps or sundry brothers
Everywhere from “Z” Town in Lincoln to Kansas City,
Kansas across that great Missouri Divide from the Plaza seen
From Independence through to the streets of Ferguson screened
(And we all know what that name has come to mean), facility
To felicity for some, agony to millions, and death to some few.
But, who’s to know what really came to pass that afternoon
Between the teen and the less-than-seasoned officer marooned
In destiny to make a difference where there was none, the glue
To evolution in the mainstream of what to date has only seemed
To flow from cause to effect, but is and never has been truly seen?

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