“I Don’t Know What I’ve Got”


“I Don’t Know What I’ve Got”

I don’t know what I’ve got just now, but I
Can fall behind that step beyond
The first; the second stone—ponds
And streams are pocked with them—exceeds the first, and lies
Wide of studied strides beyond the third, and nothing guides
My heart to conquer short of pride. Inertia extols
Effort but left untried, the will atrophies while it scolds
inaction albeit guaranteeing the right to fly.
This much is true (or so it seems) monoliths contemplate
Delusions’ stones surmounting streams of mocking, croaking insecurities.
Suffocating fog burns the heart then disappears. Its energies
Released, confidence’s set ablaze at sun’s full rising all too often all too late.
In short, I stand alone at times, all movement trumped
By midnight’s clouds and like the elephant am disinclined to jump.


2 responses to ““I Don’t Know What I’ve Got”

  1. There is only the “first” step, only one moment… the present one. And the rest, as your poem explains, are like a disease that steps out in all directions and arrives nowhere. I don’t know what I’ve got either, but it feels exactly as you describe.

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