“I Found Someone”


“I Found Someone”

I found someone breathing as if to pray.
No prayer, of course, no sign, no moon, no stars, but silence—
Calm to souls and solace in crisis
Of questions—so many hopes absurd and loosely bound.  What’s payed they say
Gives animas to eternity. shielding simple fear from terror’s
Bid to amaze. I would not ask outright, I had no right, then,
I take flight, taut in twilight when
From weedy wordless cancers’ branches—errors,
Really, to the whole–to innocence conjures lasting alibis,
Superfluous sentinels ever come to rest, fruits of thought-oppressed
Violence. enough that vine and wine is produced—inebriation of more from less,
A wrath, the test of what some old man surely spoke. Patient bluest sighs
Among sparrows egg him on while sitting on a porch swing, wisdoms all at once:
“Make peace with the Fathers,” says he, “prepare to flee the Sons.”

2 responses to ““I Found Someone”

  1. That’s a powerful verse allowing for deep reflection.

    As I read it, what jumps out at me are these lines,

    “…Superfluous sentinels ever come to rest, fruits of thought-oppressed
    Violence. enough that vine and wine is produced—inebriation of more from less…”

    So would you say that the inebriation that we encounter is really all about the bankruptcy of thoughts?


    • I think it fair to say that. After all, whether to the good in practice and in progress or their opposites, the elder generation has spent its force and the younger has no experience but vicarious knowledge, insufficient to sustain itself further than what’s imagined from day to day through the power of the fist or the simple sum of hormones. Thoughts are in fact bankrupt as former stations of strength and virtue implode to weakness and vice in the face of all that was when elders were green to all that must be within their waning years until the earth is clear of them; the former generation must by definition and circumstance flee the latter while the latter is gradually forced to face the vicissitudes of change and chance brought on by the natural disintegration of the former. This much can be confirmed, and were it not for the constant bounty of the Divine the entire exercise could be condemned to the obscurity of the absurd. Indeed, the present semblance of hopelessness in the world today is based and visited upon the growing critical mass of souls who in fact discount and disconnect the Divine from the process. Thus, the present chaos in the world implies a lacking of the conscious knowledge and experience with the Divine, and insofar as spring always follows the dead of winter, so, too the general decay and dissolution of the greatness of former civilisation accentuates the bankruptcy of thought but at the same time implies the proximity of the return of the Source and Author of the Divine impulse which guarantees the inevitable coming peace and tranquillity of humanity with Its return.

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