“Lest We Despair”


“Lest We Despair”

Lest we despair, there are always wondrous souls
Who do not merely feed the ether, drain abundance,
Neuter actions, waste the oneness,
The common bounty with dalliance in quotidian goals.
So where lies the dignity of thin air, the drift, the all,
The strength, the constancy, the very point
Of light save in special souls adroit
In what it takes to make the least at nightfall?
Benchmarks will mark a life of thought and inspiration.
Luminaries allowing shelter in shades of night are not at all
Deterred or long delayed by the earth’s rotation nor do they stall
As prey to some glorious thrall but follow through to consummation.
The globe abounds in cycles, seasons and the daylight vulgar hours,
Kenotic moons to drown the noise of madness as the midnight flowers.

One response to ““Lest We Despair”

  1. “There are always wondrous souls…”
    Meher Baba maintained silence for over 40 years. And yet, quietly, he enriched humanity with his presence. I’m convinced that these “wondrous souls”, in the simplicity of their presence, do more to uplift this benighted planet than all the wordy-politicians and their well-armed armies. Words and deeds are paltry tools for good when compared with the blessing of a “wondrous soul” in our midst. They come and go like the rest of us, but the light of their soul shines through the dreams of our so-called reality and sheds grace like a radiance through the fabric of human time. Baba left behind a simple message, four words: “Don’t worry. Be happy.”
    “There are always wondrous souls…”

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