“An Elemental Spool”


“An Elemental Spool”

An elemental spool of being; a natural stroke, a natural song,
Alternative of the physic. They’ll dote on her. She changes,
Rearranges the image sacrificed, the hue estranged with age
In time minutes, hours, days, years along
An atavistic rhyme that begins with mother’s sweetest mystery.
She does not rest here; she gathers swollen powders till her end
Is just beyond within an arc of growth. The colony ascends
To her through ordination, acquiescence thickly veiled in delivery.
The waxen sacrifice of a madonna of the thousands’ mesh—
Annunciations in the ancient paradigm— together compromise,
And here descends a separation: a Gaian gift apprised—
The pupa must be cloistered, amber honeyed flesh
Is bound, an all within the geometric space  transfixed in thrall
And while the queen is dying, yet another even now perceives her call.

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