“Place Me”


“Place Me”

Place me nearer to the centre, then give me space
And grace enough to bear the remedy; the flame, itself, will not abandon
Me: the test, my soul’s eternity between the Sibyls’ Suns
And Heaven’s ancient foils. And as I absent the hour, I’ll leave this place.
While I was in the world, the same was not in me.
I must have been invisible for all the love I had, and knowing
What it was I came to see, I drained the cup
To testify that it was I who asked for more if only to say, “Enough!”
I bore witness to my own creation in and of itself is radiance, a balance owing
To what it is to know and worship Him in darkness and in the light,
extremes and overbearing distances.
In intimate proximities—the sirens’ coppers—of faith and blind acceptance
to the Holy Mariner’s golds of certitude and’ free volition
Merged in three most holy words: “Here am I!”and oneness born of absolution,
All belief and semblance humbled by the only response apprised in innocence
That I, myself, have been revealed as immaterial, in essence nothing,
a mirage, a vapour, a thing who’ll soon be evanescence
Sealed in time if not quickened in the arms
of certitude and radiant acquiescence.


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