“Suppose the Action”


“Suppose the Action”

Suppose the action to be a trapezoid
When witnessed by an audience or seen
By overweening others through the brilliance of a screen;
The traffic of public view that makes it so must be avoided
If potential and potency of action reach
Beyond the drawing board to the other side
Beyond the nose, beyond the niggling tides
Of critical mass in thought that flow from one beach
To another trapped within the atrophy of a single mind or there
Beneath in morbid sinks. Mass produce spoil in spools of social thought
That come in every season, easily plagiarised, easily bought,
Fosilised tomes of self-help manuals basking in the bourgeois glare
Of hucksters’ spinning-wheels and gurus peddling wares:
Satisfaction will wilt with public notice at a fair.

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