“The First Mistake”


“The First Mistake”

The first mistake, aversion. Primal anger twists,
Isolation glorifies mortality as eternity moans;
He told you nothing of it, then, but knew the ember blown
Was his, and further, that because he’d missed
Your words and pleased himself, another deep desire–
An anger–found its voice within him and the same
Became a mirror, and again the same a mutual denial while the aim
Of what he did was never seen or heard. You kissed the fire
Together, and in that flagrant fetid moment, she withdrew
To furnaces within her breast, the abyss, the lower rooms
Reserved for her and her alone and the chasmal maw he saw
Beneath them both. Righteous claims disguise’s the cause
That borrows breath too long and suffocates within its iron grip;
The mirror of the heart then obscured, complaisance rules the lips.

…art by George Condo…

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