“Sad You Say?”

“Sad You Say?”

Sad you say? I knew you meant it;
Yes, my sadness drained through your fingers
Leaving little more than moisture. Something of me lingers
With you that you own is yours. Summits
Of either joy or pain remain to use the heart, the limits
Of the body—anywhere will do—from head to toe; these, the singers
Intone its presence, equations flatter integers
Enough to anoint themselves exclusive in finite intimates
And variations for the sake of form.  These flights of melancholy
You mistook for yours; as well,  your joys I imagined mine  in the mirror,
And neither of us were the wiser in the final calculation.
If one of us is right, we’ll see our satisfaction and salvation
In what little time remains to us in life; the eternal holy
Light is never long in coming. If one of us is wrong,
…there is no deliverer.


5 responses to ““Sad You Say?”


    by Vladimiro Rinaldi,
    Italian poet,born Rome 16th March 1942

    Behaviour poetry : the most difficult type of poetry,
    It can be eralised without use of words. Words can be the music
    live the silence,a sort of leit motive.Good actions poetry.
    This sort of poetry I love .Usually unknown poems
    by unknown wonderful people.They do exist,
    all over the world they do exist.Do not look for them
    on the Who is Who book
    or at the Guiness.They do good and do not want claps for them.

    Usually they are not politicians.
    Usually they are not busienss people.
    They do good for free and do not want publicity.
    Wonderful common simple people,people who love really.
    I met some of them,in all the counries ,and just a few Vip.
    Thank you mum and dad for your sacrificies,for your love.
    Thank you all,wherever you are.Even if I do not know you,thank you
    for existing.
    Poets,who do we really are,
    we who dream? We who dream and act ?
    Poetry against vanity,poetry against arrogance,
    poetry against selfishness and hypocricy,
    behaviour poetry against missing of real love.

    Does not anybody want to say with me thank you
    People who love ,poets of behaviour,real poets
    of real poetry made of behaviour?
    unknown or famous no care,whoever you are,
    in every artt of the planet you live,
    poets of peace and love,I dio say thank you.
    I love you, we all need to become like you,
    good teachers in practios,notonly by words
    (yes,words poetry is important too,I know)
    Poem in incorrect English, and may
    be some orthography mistakes have also be made
    (the theme is worth while to run the risk..)
    the author also saies.Poem end.
    by Vladimiro Rinaldi(Vladimiro Rinaldi and Ranuzzi)
    web of poetry:

  2. it is true befavior poetry is poetry and all the other forms of poeratry and artse are but words or just nothing important behaviou poetry yes this author is intelligent andf rigtht.Come on Vladimiro Rinaldi proletatrianpoet from Rome,Tiburtino Terzo.Son of partisans. Do not believe the the silly cuttipted and show off “artists” and other stupid prople the so called artists they only show off.

    We do believe you.Thank you ever so much,goodf teacher and friend of life

  3. Thank you poet teacher of Behaviou Poetry .

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