“The Chihuahua”

“The Chihuahua”

The Chihuahua’s spectre holds no great respect for persons;
Howls and growls his vowels at high and low alike, and stands
His ground against a world that must retreat. His consonants demand
Attention even of the greatest battery of vocabulary. The phrase thus spurned
Learns quickly that even if withdrawal for the moment wins,
These syllables tire easily of petty games,
And, yielding, go their way; interest wanes,
You see, and comes again the senseless peck at heels and shins,
The unabated chutzpah, the vicar of prolixity, the heretofore
To the other side, the space above, the all
Or nothing victory of the hundred glottal fricatives. Heed his call,
My friends. He will prove the greater in the war,
Because he prides himself on having nothing but himself to wager,
The short but sweet ambition or the long but safe advantages
of nothing minor to accomplish and evidently nothing all that major.


2 responses to ““The Chihuahua”

  1. I’ve seen a few fights erupt in my time, usually in bars when I was younger, and I learned early on that the Chihuahua often won. We should choose our battles wisely because: one never knows in whom the Chihuahua lurks!

    • Well, its obvious that Putin’s got something of the kind these days that apparently works, if the Crimea is any example worth noting….

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