“With Every Newscast”


“With Every Newscast”

With every newscast comes the view, a plane
Is down in oceans, miners trapped in gas,
And then, of course, the common daily tasks
Assigned authorities to find the lost, the lame,
The disenfranchised strain of minds that lose
Themselves, and then must all be found.
The searchers spread through inlets and the grounds
Of parks, and far-flung camping paths. They choose
To find these souls because there is no choice,
Perhaps a kind of last respect expressed—humanity
Enforced by wrote—and cause enough to see
What can be done to locate bodies, voice
Concerns and let it go at that. And, who am I
Who asks wherefore, and who are they who die?


2 responses to ““With Every Newscast”

  1. No choice at all John, humanity seeks for an ending, almost expecting an explanation…but none is forthcoming. x

  2. This impulse to retrieve the dead and lay them to rest respectfully is ancient and it reflects well on us as a species. Wherever one sees a callous disregard of the dead… there one also sees a callous disregard of the living. Closure, like the Amen of a prayer, allows the heart to take its next breath. I hope that we can bring the survivors some measure of that. Thanks for a timely one, sir.

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