“And the World Went On”


“And the World Went On”

And the world went on; their griefs were ours
Yet the world was lit. Came the pyre on the mountain,
The torch the valleys, and all who stood were stilled. The camphor fountain’s
Waters drain, Bethesda’s barely troubled. The hour
Comes, pilgrims flee the oceans, seas, the rainbow’s power.
Carmel has seen Sharon: “Stare at me as you would the sun!”
Know the inevitable is come!” Agonies and consternation
Must bear the weight of ecstasy’s recusal. The flower
Of circumspection—precision beyond the natural eye—spawns blindness
In the infallible shroud of never-ending light, the blight of every saint,
The goal of every sinner. Œdipus and his Ȇblis rehearse
The first catharsis, the Sphinx the last, the triad guards the city’s curse
And Adam’s children well before his own were dreamt in tenderness
Of strange wisdoms in the mind, blessed unction in stars grown faint.


One response to ““And the World Went On”

  1. Outstanding! Filled with impeccable phrases! You do these metaphysical textures so well.

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