“Be Careful Here”

Centenary white diamond de beers

“Be Careful Here”

Be careful here, my friend, truth can burn
But cannot bring you down; a given is a given:
A man is fooled within himself; he will be driven
In and of his own delight impelled at every turn
Toward the Qiblah of his creation as the sun
Will rise from his East, recline and resign
Toward his West. As the rains decline
From highest peaks seduced to run
To oceans, so, too, creation brooks no barrier,
No alteration in its prodigies. Light ordained
Is not the lamp, nor within a wick retained,
But consecrated in the oil; its properties tarry.
Be assured. Energies within the lantern reign;
Where comes the spark, no light can be restrained.


2 responses to ““Be Careful Here”

  1. Once lit, no turnng away, to burn or be burned. Shaped to perfection. xx

  2. Incredibly Beautiful, John………

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