“Oh, Yes, We Knew”


“Oh, Yes, We Knew”

Oh, yes, we knew. We might have risked the whole
On one more question, poised, composed, and right
Out loud for what and whom we were; a greater insight,
A finer vision bathed in brilliance to decorate some tree with cosmic gold;
A smoother season’s landing, home and homeless at last, within
Delusion’s bubble. Perhaps the stars are messages
Of hope, more probably self congratulations, potent presages
Of comimg spring’s grave new world’s blooming’s apathy. Begin
Again, but, no. We knew where this was going and where it’s been. Now
There are no mysteries left, nothing to hide, nothing to deny. We knew
Before the First Noel what it was we could but wouldn’t do.
You knew it…so did I, and yet so certain once again that somehow
We’d escape the shafts and stony paths, overlooked, freed
From gravity, free to gaze a while on tinsel, tiny coloured lights,
…and unmitigated slavery.

3 responses to ““Oh, Yes, We Knew”

  1. shall we become ‘Christmas’ lights in the night sky? Immortals, though dead, our light shining ever onwards, as an email, a text, never read. x

  2. In this world, yes. Who, for instance, knows his great great great grandmother or grandfather’s name and all they went through. There are at least two schools I taught in in which you will find not one student, secretary, janitor, or faculty member who remembers my name even though I knew each of these school like the back of my hand before I was transferred out. Conversely, do you remember anyone from your first grade class with whom you presently interact, consciously? If not, then why would it be so terrible to be forgotten in this particular world, especially in the light of the Next World and all we all may look foward to once there that will eclipse all our years here.?

  3. I’m pretty sure I spoke at length with a friend last night about some of what you say here

    Part of it can be summed up with a verse from the Bible:

    “…Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.”

    I’ve passed through that strait unnumbered times in my 20+ years as a Baha’i

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