“They’d Rather Not Say”


“They’d Rather Not Say”

They’d rather not say the words just now: plough it under. Seeds are sown,
Stranded, left behind, perhaps a new game but certified survival
And uncertainty are symbiotic, guaranteed to last and last; revival
Promised, eternity denied and they’ll have you know
These obstacles, these meretricious ulcers grow
In time and we all know their names. Denial
Only feeds the bonfire while the trial’s
Milked for mileage: drum roll,
Please! Applause! Announce the latest bon mot
To bounce some sweet new version of what seems viable
As a phatic public nod to possibilities, probabilities, and pliable
Hopes for the working man; to the sturgeon, roe; to the cock, his crow.
The rhetoric is endless, the president’s truth “to be determined…soon!”
Elections come and go, of course,…but there’s that elephant in the room…



2 responses to ““They’d Rather Not Say”

  1. their words are the same, just ‘spin’ned to create a different melody. I shall ride the elephant, should he let me of course. xx

  2. What sad dimension of our human nature ignores that elephant so effectively that both leader and follower seem able to discus the very elephant itself… without feeling even the breath from its trunk? I console myself that this is not a recent flaw, peculiar to a single generation, but a sad imperfection that has plagued our kind since first we left a few behind to make arrowheads and cuckold us with finely honed lies.

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