“A Maudlin Isolation”


“A Maudlin Isolation”

A maudlin isolation seeds contempt and leads the mind
To rites and righteous thinking that was not there before. He’ll defer
To what he thinks is plainly there on the plate; they infer
From this that he’s content, but caution! Not all nouns decline
The same, nor are their heirs in action conjugated
In the subjunctive: something other brings the two together
And there’s no part of speech that weathers
Scrutiny in the spirit. Sounds and syllables modulated,
Dress themselves in exceptions ruthless syntax will abhor.
There is no saving grace in this, no workable alternative
To perfect tenses forcing all to deal with God and His eternity:
Dallaire declared that he believed because he’d seen the Whore *;
And, after sleep and shadows, I believe the Orb will rise
Because I’ve seen the sun ignored in midnight lapis leisure skies.

*Canadian Lieutenant-General Roméo Antonius Dallaire [June 25, 1946– ] commander of failed U.N. Forces in Rwanda…


One response to ““A Maudlin Isolation”

  1. light after dark, or does the dark follow the light? whichever is chasing which, the maudlin part of me is cloaked in cloud, always the grey Lady… xPenx

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