“To What’s True”

Last station

“To What’s True”

To what’s true and right between
The lines, the hour, the day,
Each several notion’s thought, each urge to stay
The course, to stand aside or see a dream
Evaporate from want or waste in vast
Expanse and state, stations we know nothing of.
We’ll not last the night with all our loves.
We mirror only what within the glass is all that’s passed
Through wanderlust, and more. To this great end mark roughly
Seeing, feeling, drawing endless guile, strengths
And fires far beyond ourselves within the lengths,
The heights of what our presence seems to be. Enough.
Do we weep or shall we sigh for what
Was once a photograph or the contents of an empty teacup?


2 responses to ““To What’s True”

  1. From one day to the next, we adjust, what is judged as true/right one moment shifts it’s spectrum, gives us further reason , to our minds, to hope for more, want for more and be dissapointed too. x

    • It is apparently a little known secret that no one is satisfied, completely satisfied with whatever is gained for long. In a way, it could be called God’s joke on all of us. We always want more than is either good for us or than is even possible to enjoy or achieve. Who can each just one peanut or cashew?

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