“That I Am”


“That I Am”

That I am complex is not entirely true
Unless the immaterial is of some account;
The spiritual, a string of mental pearls that mount
The stage as nothing in the eyes of men who’ll sue
For portions of the pie in all they do
Expecting ultimate rewards for civil interaction, an account
With post-dated cheques ranged in perpetual emergency to surmount
An utter waste of precocious weeks and precious years. I rendezvous
With a comma here and there advancing as I gaze
From one second to another a renderred inhalation within the maze
Of all souls. In exhalation, I am least in expectation buried in a phrase,
Emotion’s spirit, the sun, itself, a captive in the smoke and haze
While I am that I am within a living sea
Of all that’s living and all that’s wished to be.


2 responses to ““That I Am”

  1. Wonderfully written and descriptive John, (can one plead for a spiritual overdraft, to counteract the wish to live that little bit longer in pursuit of that which is just ever so slightly out of reach? 🙂 ) x

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