“In Relief”

“In Relief”

In relief and remission in the early morning traffic,
Natural and expected but somehow chafing as sporadic
Thought leans to the oblong, ambivalence routinely masters the erratic
Stampede to a perfect Thursday. What’s problematic
Becomes the norm for both the messianic and the bored,
Loosed for casual observation by hecklers mounting static
Interference fit for comment from pundits and pedestriasns, the phatic
Anchormen amongst one’s friends while excellence is ignored
And noted if at all in spite of Noah’s warning. She continues walking
Through it all, pausing to adjust a strap or two
On a shoe or replacing her sunglasses to improve the view;
She lights another cigarette, inhales, recklessly stalking
Herself and somehow in the car she questions “What’s it  for:
Why doesn’t he close the door?”


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