“Oh Yes, of Course!”


“Oh Yes, of Course!”

Oh yes, of course, I hear the cymbals echoed in my ear;
The thunder’s never altogether gone.
Lyrics never cease, sets give rise to reprise and just another song.
The stride is altered, yes! but never far from fear.
And always from the invisible “A” to the ubiquitous “B,” the line
Is straight. It flows, it does not fade and as constancy is there
I am bound to find the wicket, purchase another ticket there
To picture in my mind the Gate that lies beyond the mines
And traps I’ve burried, extensions of the elemental singular.
Ignorance drawn, pleasure in life egregiously proffers
Its own demise where duplicity wreathes herself in the divine collective. Coffers,
Dogma for all occasion profits veiled within the insular.
The rock, itself, sees through all the aye’s
And knows its nay’s must always seek a public gaze, disguised.


2 responses to ““Oh Yes, of Course!”

  1. the rock of ages, cleft for me, came to mind. but then, my mind follows a route all of it’s own emthinks. xx

    • “Rock of ages,” indeed, whether that “rock” is within or without us, still it “follows a route all of it’s own” and can never be confused with what it sees while both inevitably, necessarily see one another in experience apart from whatever “realities” imagined by the mind or circumstance. By that standard, stands one’s “sense of eternity” apart from and devoid of any evidence to the contrary, and this “revelation” begets a “certitude” and “hope’ unalloyed with either “faith”or “knowledge.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

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