“‘The Bed,’ She Said”


“‘The Bed,’ She Said”

“The bed,” she said, “the bed!” So, comes another day
And so she sighs and says, “He only lives within his head!”
Of course, there’s a smörgåsbord of truth to what the lady says,
As through a medium, a vehicle come what may
To preordain what I must do today; declarations force the hand,
And I’m obliged to use a naked word or two in my defense
A little trouble to be sure, but nonetheless the recompense
Between what is and what most surely was; consistencies in  sand;
Behind a cloud, and then again, another hour on yet another dune.
Yes! Ahead, perhaps, as broad imagination leaves its mark
I plunge through rushing waters, rolling rivers, and board the ancient ark
Upon a swelling sea beyond all starry streams although marooned
In my small room as fits a disaffected orphan here among the sycophants,
With thoughts, the width and length in heady musth, a simple elephant.


2 responses to ““‘The Bed,’ She Said”

  1. Well, women often find the lean & thoughtful intellectual type fascinating, compelling, and then spend long frustrating years trying to chisel, chop, drag, and detonate them out of the solitary confinement of their mind. Even when their intent is seen to be wise and worthy, the type will drag heels pondering the many ways in which their intent is wise and worthy. In my own case, I flatter myself as being more aware because I try to be “in the moment”… yet I often am discovered in mental retreat oblivious to immediacies that sleeping extroverts vacuum up like Hoovers. It’s embarrassing, certainly humiliating. Yet still I find myself repeating: “Bed? Where did that come from?”

    • You know, your comments are so well written and on the mark that from time to time it would certainly be worth the effort to write a sonnet simply to see just what your comment would be. Your perception is delightful, to say the least. It is as it should be, a kind of sub-set to life with us in this, whether the writer or the reader, and I suspect, the poem and the response. I have the feeling that anyone happening on either that he might well comprehend the joy of writing either that is obviously there for both of us, if anyone ever took the time and effort to figure out just what either of us means. Many thanks for your remarks; they are always worth the reading.

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