“The Guests”


“The Guests”

The guests are sundry supine, but never mind.
Was it something I said? You’ll find so many walkers
So much weaker than yourself–stalkers
Loitering at the starlight dining room. So divine,
They think to be with me. They’ve asked to join
The wake, but these, my friend, have not been asked;
They brought no invitation. The door’s been trashed
The furniture, the dishes, all the silverware purloined.
Nothing says it quite as well as, “you’d be
Entirely welcome here beneath the sternum. Door’s unlocked
Because you know you may as well just walk
Right in and sign on the dotted line. Please
Feel free to tell me who you are. Bathroom’s down the hall and not far
Beyond, you’ll find the kitchen and some pomegranates–the door’s ajar.


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