“The Primate’s Eyes”

“The Primate’s Eyes”

The primate’s eyes; where the gaze at whom or from what womb’s
Grief’s expression’s etched in citrine? Vision’s gyre in darkest sapphire,
Ablaze, marooned in time for burial in creation, strings upon the lyre,
Horizontal beings taut across the vertical; gracious, shy, sagacious; rooms
Congested, from drought to flood and back in countless variations bootless
Here to ponder but in the moment, impossible to ignore; but, who?
And in this gesture or that glance whose blatant emerald kingdoms’ pool,
A polyglot of crystals form patterned clots from earthly lesions, useless
To explore in less than eons on the continental shelf or lapis ocean floor.
Whose is it to the connect the dots, whose exponents, multiplied, sustain
Emotion in a single star-blown stare? Actuaries–the epitome of the lion’s main
The eagle’s wing, an amazing grace in the ballet of a sloth intent on more
Than what he grasps–marry systems and in their perfect rhymes, tokens
Not that far from destinies that speak not until their Lord has spoken.


One response to ““The Primate’s Eyes”

  1. This one filled with so many great lines… as lush as a jungle: an opposing thumbs up!

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