“Someone Asked”


“Someone Asked”

Someone asked if I am sad these days;
Well, every planet in his season takes on hues of gloom,
And even so, while I have moons to tend, all too soon
My Sun’s day is over and Moons’ day sways as they all walk away
Without a “By your leave!” for yet another week.
And I suspect there’re dawns enough and dusks in what I write
For Tuesday’s struggles in the flight of simple allegories from the last night’s
Day to blast through Wednesday’s pride and Thursday’s prejudice to sleek
And curious rides across those graceless skies to Friday’s constant aim
To put another world between the fire here below and light above
And consecrate some fading vision’s yields to fielding fruits of love
Beneath His gaze. And, yes! I’ll make some crude remark while I remain
Here between earthly clouds, my ceilings and cosmic sods, my floors
As I run daily the gauntlet of a startled sleeping spider through bananas,
Three Most Jealous Goddesses and golden apples rotten to the core.

…painting by 12GO from deviantART…


2 responses to ““Someone Asked”

  1. A delightful parry, this poem, to that well intended sympathetic question.
    Ah, how constantly flow those celestial influences in ever changing hues of mood and state, as if we were dishes in a fountain, receiving and passing along in a continuing flow… all the while trying to find that unchanging Self amid the waters of the pool. Sadness comes, sadness goes… the daily round that ebbs and flows as mood and state work to shape our being as the gauntlet… squeezes.

    • Yes, the “squeezes!” The curious thing about the whole ebb and flow of reality is the question, “How is it that all this noise never really touches me?” Then comes the quietude of answers from the inside, “I am that I am; you are that you are!” For me, the greater quest involves accepting that what is inside me is greater in reality than what roars throughout the whole of whole universes in which I find myself. It is an astounding constancy greater than that of the North Star.

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