“Fear of Mirrors”


“Fear of Mirrors”

Fear of mirrors does that, you know…
Disturb the pool and the image ripples.
The Persians say, “shave the head, the hair will triple!”
And so the child’s affectations grow
From infancy to childhood. The woes
Of weaning from the weary nipple
Through to youth—while the spirit merely trickles,
Even disappears within the spectacle and show
Of outward gain and inward trivial pursuit—
Place all things within the silken seasons’
Circumstantial winds’ mirages to lift high above
The nest the eagle and overshadow fears in the dove.
Still to see one’s self in someone’s glass renders progress moot:
To see ourselves in this disguise dissolves the stain of simple treason.


2 responses to ““Fear of Mirrors”

  1. To see oneself in the reflection of another person’s eyes can be downright excruciating. We are imperfect. Learning to forgive oneself for paltry spiritual progress is essential to continuing. This simple humbling recognition and acceptance informs the heart that higher forces know us and forgive us as well! Your poem reflects our circumstance clearly.

    • To allow another to be “mirrored” within one’s own heart is indeed “excruciating” in the extreme because the only the only thing reserved by God for Himself is the heart and to allow any other to occupy that seat is for that reason the very author of every pain the world has to offer simply because in that condition the joy of knowing Him is ever barred, and is in fact a form of blasphemy from which few, if any ever really escape, so great is the produce in pain, not to mention sadness, guilt, and utter loss of hope. The ignorant will even go so far as to allow a descent of addictive, unnatural joy in their own fascination with this condition.

      “By the righteousness of God! These are the days in which God hath proved the hearts of the entire company of His Messengers and Prophets, and beyond them those that stand guard over His sacred and inviolable Sanctuary, the inmates of the celestial Pavilion and dwellers of the Tabernacle of Glory. How severe, therefore, the test to which they who join partners with God must needs be subjected!”

      ―Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, pp: 11-12

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